Eco Thermal label is a kind of label which is printed by direct thermal printing method. It is formed as a result of thermal lamination on paper.

The barcode used shows thermal liquefaction along with the heat in the head area of the printer, thus printing on the Eco thermal label. Therefore, you don't need to use ribbon when you want to print on eco thermal label. You can print directly to your label easily and with less cost by direct thermal method. It is not resistant to external factors such as moisture, alcohol, light and heat and darkens on its own when exposed directly to this type of external factor. This decision shows itself as faintness and uncertainty. This product is one of the kind of labels that need to be consumed quickly due to its darkening feature and is not used in humid and hot environments.

Eco thermal labels typically have a shelf life of 3-7 months. These conditions are caused by room temperature, no moisture, no direct sunlight. It is ideal for short term use as it is a stale label variety.

These thermal labels are thermally (heat) printed and therefore no ribbon is used. Since there is no ribbon usage, printing costs are less. If your printer is suitable for thermal printing, the use of your labels does not exceed 6 months and the area where you will stick the label is suitable for fast consumption, using thermal labels will reduce your printing cost.

Eco Thermal Label Usage Areas

This type of label is generally used in fast food consumption sectors such as dry food, pulses, hospital, automation and cargo sectors.

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