Wax ribbon is the most widely used among barcode ribbons. Wax ribbons, vellum and matte and glossy glossy paper materials in combination with very good pressure, Wax Resin and Resin ribbons, according to the high speed and low temperature allows the opportunity to work.

Wax ribbon is a multi-purpose ribbon with excellent print quality and allows for wide application areas. This ribbon, which is preferred frequently for economic and general applications, is a ribbon with anti-static coating and high ink sensitivity, low energy printing capability, prolonging the life of the printhead and providing high quality, clear printing. In addition, the ink coating is solvent-free and offers eco-friendly barcode solutions.

Most used Wax ribbon types

A410 wax ribbon, A110 wax ribbon, A210 extra wax ribbon, A214 Super Premium Wax ribbon, F350 Premium Wax ribbon, F351 premium wax ribbon, F451 ultra wax ribbon, KWA - 100F economic wax ribbon KWA-200F Extra wax ribbon, KWA - 220F Premium wax ribbon, KWA-300B Premium wax ribbon.

Wax Ribbon Application Areas

 Fresh fruit producers (package box and labeling)

 General purpose label applications

 Health applications

 Horticulture / nurseries

 Stock (Shelf and box labeling)

 Pharmaceutical Industry

 Retail applications

 Transport applications

 Warehousing and logistics

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