It is a ribbon developed especially for Near Edge head printers. This ribbon gives clear, dark color, dense and readable prints. The outstanding performance of the Super Near Edge Wax / Resin ribbon is its superior durability and flexibility in high speed applications.

Super Near Edge Wax / Resin technology printers are used to produce large quantities of labels. Wax / Resin ribbon provides excellent scraping resistance, UV resistance and net printing at low energy in a wide range of paper and film materials. You can also obtain inkanto ribbons produced by Armor.

The most widely used Wax Resin Near Edge WR ribbon types

A221 wax / resin ribbon, A231 wax / resin ribbon, A233 extra wax-resin ribbon, A235 textile resin ribbon, E350 Premium Wax / Resin ribbon, E351 premium wax-resin ribbon, E700 ultra wax / resin coding ribbon, KWR - 100N economic wax-resin ribbon, KWR-200N Extra wax / resin ribbon, KWR-300N Premium wax / resin ribon.

Wax Resin Near Edge WR Application Areas

 Flexible packaging

 Fresh fruit producers (package box and labeling)

 General labeling applications

 In Medicine

 Horticulture / nursery



 Warehousing and logistics




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