This product was developed for printing on labels that require excellent print quality and mechanical durability.

It provides clear and unique printing on all barcode types, allowing printing in very small text, large characters and logos, up to 1.7 (ODR). Ribbon structure is suitable for printing in matt and high gloss coated materials, even in unprinted materials in many types of syntectics (PVC, PET, PE and PP). Print image excellent scratch and scratch resistance, about 180 ° C. It has a good heat resistance. With 250 mm / s (10 ips) and speeds of 200, 300 and 600 DPI, these characters meet great potential in this outstanding ribbon label and printing market. You can also obtain inkanto ribbons produced by Armor.

Most used Resin ribbon types

A238 resin ribbon, A230 resin ribbon, A232 extra resin ribbon, A234 textile resin ribbon, S350 Premium Resin ribbon, S351 premium resin ribbon, S353 ultra resin coding ribbon, KRE - 100F economic resin ribbon, KRE-200F Extra resin ribbon, KRE - 300F Premium resin ribbon.

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